Name: American Standard Appliance Leakage Current Interrupters (ALCI)Series -KP15D
American Standard Appliance Leakage Current Interrupters (ALCI)Series -KP15D

【Product features and application】
1.When a fault current to ground of appliance connected with ALCI plug, and there is electric shock danger, ALCI plug can automatically cut off the electricity supply within doxens of milliseconds ,preventing human from electric shock and loss of wealth.
2. ALCI can prevent impact failure on appliance by surge voltage and thunder.
3.With UL approval by standard UL 943
4.According to the requirement of California CP65.
5. Widely apply for Class ll current leakage protection of whole American and North American's appliance ,such as Hair dryer, Straight hair (Electric plywood), Electric hair roller set,scissors, Foot bath, Massor, Cleaner,Water Heater, Electric cooker, Electric blanket, TV, Refrigerator, Oven ,Washing machine, Dish-washing machine,Disinfection cabinet, Water dispenser, PC,Game machine, lnstrument and so on.

Product description
※ Rated Voltage: 125VAC/250VAC
※ Rated  Current: 15A/8A
※ Rated Leakage Tripping  Current: 6mA
※ Rated Leakage No Tripping  Current: 4mA
※ Max Tripping time: ≤25ms
※ Flexible Cord: 16# AWG,HPN,2C/105℃  1.5m
※ Color: Dient Requirement
※ Deal with the tail:Acoording to customers'require
Packing Details:
Meas.:48cm×32cm×25cm (80PCS/CTN)
         G.W./N.W.:10/8.7 KGS
        1×20':  44800PCS(80PCS/CTN)

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