Name: In-line Residual Current Device Series -KP-B10BD、KP-B10CD、KP-B13BD、KP-B13CD
In-line Residual Current Device Series -KP-B10BD、KP-B10CD、KP-B13BD、KP-B13CD
Product features:
It is made of ASIC and special materal, with high susceptiveness and reliability.When appliance leakage
happens or human gers an electric shock, this product can automatically cut off power
promptly,protecting appliance and people's life.
It has waterproof and dustproof functions,more reliable and wears well.
Input/Output Users can assemble cable by themselves.
When line open circuit caused leakage current, RCD will trip.
Product application:
It is applicable to leakage protection of overseas hand held electric tool, electric pump, high pressure electric cleaner, electric grass cutter, electric water heater, strong release gas water heater, solar energy water heater, electric water boiler, air-conditioner, rice cooker, induction cooker, computer, TV set, refrigerator, washing machine, hair-dryer ,electric iron, etc.
Technical Parameters:
Model: KP-B10BD、KP-B10CD、KP-B13BD、KP-B13CD
Rated Voltage: 250VAC~/50Hz/60Hz
Rated Current: 10A/13A
Rated  Leakage Tripping Current: 10mA/30mA
Rated Leakage No |Trippong Current: 50mA/15mA
Max Tripping: ≤0.1ms
Operation Temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Protection Class: IP66
Color: According to customers'require
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